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Why choose NDS?

Nanodevice Solutions has developed an innovative patented technology that allows for the batch manufacturing of high aspect ratio tips at a fraction of the cost. NDS’ ultra sharp HAR tips are tilt compensated and have V-shape apex to offer the best quality imaging. NDS high aspect ratio tips can be used to image small, complex features without any detriment to image quality for the best price in the market.

What makes NDS' technology unique?

Typical AFM tips have a low aspect ratio, they are wide and short, as depicted in the first image. These tips cannot be used to create high-resolution images when imaging nanoscale features with narrow and deep openings as they distort images and cannot interact completely with nanoscale features. High aspect ratio (HAR) tips are long and thin, as depicted in the second image. This property allows our tips to interact with samples fully and produce a high resolution and faithful AFM image.


low aspect ratio afm tip nanodevice solutions


high aspect ratio afm tip nanodevice solutions
How does the AFM work?

The AFM “sees” the sample surface with a special part known as the AFM tip. The AFM tip is brought close to the sample surface until it is, for most intents and purposes, touching the sample surface. Then, the AFM tip is scanned over the sample surface to produce a detailed topographical image. The tip must be replaced regularly to create good images. The shape and size of the tip will affect the image resolution, For the highest quality with the least distortion, a long and thin tip is required. We need high aspect ratio AFM tips to produce effective results.

What is an Atomic Force Microscope?

The Atomic Force Microscope, also known as the AFM, is a highly specialized device used in nanoscale design and testing. It can produce images that rival those produced by electron microscopes while being significantly less expensive. Another advantage that the AFM has over the electron microscope is that it can often image samples without requiring significant preparation. Therefore, the AFM is quickly becoming the preferred method of imaging nanoscale objects.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.56.15 PM


What are the applications of NDS tips?

The tips created by Nanodevice Solutions have applications in many different industrial sectors and high-tech engineering. Applications & industries include:

  • Nanoscale Imaging
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Atomic Manipulation
  • Biological Imaging
  • Semiconductor
  • Biotechnology
  • Advanced Material Development
  • Medical Research
  • MEMS