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AFM High Aspect Ratio (HAR) Probes

Nanodevice Solutions High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM probe

Specially designed to scan the challenging structures on the samples surfaces

The HAR probe consists of a high aspect ratio pillar on the apex of the pyramid as depicted in the image to the left. This specialty probe is very useful for when there are high aspect ratio structures, such as narrow and deep openings or tall and dense structures.  

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Nanodevice Solutions High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM probe

The High Aspect Ratio AFM Probes

  • AFM application includes tapping mode
  • Silicon body, silicon cantilever, and a silicon tip
  • Compatible with all AFM’s in the market
  • AFM tip is long and narrow with a radius less than 10 nm
  • High-quality images produced by affordable probes
  • Customization options are available for different dimensions and coating materials

WP DataTables
Back side
Surface treatment (hydrophobic or hydrophilic)
AFM Tip Height
AFM Tip Shape
AFM Cantilever Dimensions

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