AFM Edge Probes

For precise tip detection!
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AFM Edge Probes

Nanodevice Solutions High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM probe

Specially designed for easy tip detection and positioning on the sample surface

AFM edge probes have the tip located at the very end of the cantilever so users can easily see the tip from the top of the AFM’s camera display. This direct positioning capability will help the users to position the tip at a very close approximate location to the area that needs to be imaged. Additionally, the edge probe has an extremely sharp tip, with a tilted structure allowing the tip to scan the surface of the sample with the highest precision.

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Nanodevice Solutions High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM probe

Highlights of AFM Edge Probes

  • Precise tip location can be determined based on where the cantilever backside is located
  • Customization available for various tip shapes, coatings, and dimensions
  • Affordable AFM tips that provide high-quality images
  • Compatible with all AFM’s in the market

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Property/TipEdge R1
Tip Average Radius / r (nm)<10
Resonance Freq. (kHz)300 ± 100
Force Constant (N/m)37 ± 24
Tip Height / TH (µm)15 ± 1
Tip ShapeHalf Pyramidal
Tip MaterialC-Si
ApplicationNon-Contact / Tapping / Contact
Cantilever ShapeRectangular
Cantilever Length / L (µm)125 ± 10
Cantilever Width / W (µm)30 ± 5
Cantilever Thickness / T (µm)4 ± 0.5
Cantilever MaterialSi
Backside CoatingNone
Frontside CoatingNone
Chip Length / L_Chip (mm)3.4
Chip Width / W_Chip (mm)1.6
Thickness (mm)0.3
Chip MaterialSOI
WP DataTables

Back side
Surface treatment (hydrophobic or hydrophilic)
AFM Tip Height
AFM Tip Shape
AFM Cantilever Dimensions

Note: images are for illustration purposes only