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About Nanodevice Solutions Inc. (NDS)

Nanodevice Solutions Inc. (NDS) is an engineering company that specializes in nanofabrication and nano-characterization. NDS engineering is based in Waterloo, Ontario with business operations based out of Toronto office. The company offers high-quality products and services to a global market consisting of a wide range of industries. 

Founded in 2014

Expanding quickly with over 85% growth in company size thus far.

Made in Canada

The only Canadian company to manufacture specialty AFM Probes.

Global Market

Customers located in areas such as China, Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

Some of our Customers

We’ve Achieved Significant Growth 

  • Photonics Expansion 60% 60%
  • IOT Expansion 30% 30%
  • Quantum Device Expansion 10% 10%

Nanodevice Solutions is aiming to continue to grow within the semiconductor field. The company aims to further expand into IOT, photonics and quantum device industries. We believe that we have the resources to expand into these new markets and have been working towards this new growth.



Our Team

The NDS team is made up of a group of talented individuals. Many of our employees have graduated from renowned Canadian Universities such as the University of Waterloo. They have past experience working for companies such Research in Motion, Intel, Facebook, Google and several other Silicon Valey startups. 

Our Advisors

Alain Francq, MBA

Alain Francq, MBA

Managing Director of Waterloo Institute of Technology

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Daryl Sherman

Daryl Sherman

Executive in Residence at Communitech

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Richard McAloney, PhD

Richard McAloney, PhD

Director, Technology & Entrepreneurship Management

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Our Supporters

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