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Quality Images

NDS specialized AFM tip dimensions provide increased image resolution and minimized image distortion.

Affordable Price

We can guarantee cheaper price than the competitor prices without any loss in quality!

Problem Solvers

We identify problems and provide efficient solutions. This mindset has lead to the realization of our specialty AFM probes. 

Forward Thinking

At NDS, we are always exploring new potential business opportunities in the micro and nanoelectronics.


Unique nanofabrication process that offers you full customizability and flexible services.

Customer Support

We like to work with our customers in order to anticipate and fulfill their needs.

AFM Industries

Quality. Innovation. Performance.

Nanodevice Solutions aims to create innovative, scalable, high-tech solutions in the nanotechnology sector. Our unique solution to AFM tips is ideal for research and industry. Our process allows for batch fabrication of specialty AFM tips, greatly increasing throughput and reducing manufacturing costs. This leads to increased savings which are passed onto your research group or company.

NDS product is particularly helpful to our research not only because it is affordable, but also because it provides a tilt compensation feature which leads to a faithful surface topography of the irregular structures that are not easy to map with regular probes.

Xiaogan Lang

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan