Nanodevice Solutions

Innovation at the nanoscale

Cutting Edge

The patent protected technology used to make NDS high quality high aspect ratio AFM tips was developed in collaboration with leading experts at the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Waterloo.

Excellent Results

NDS AFM tips will allow users to get the highest quality images of their samples. The nanoscale diameter of the tip will help result in ultra high resolution images. The tip has a long length, which is used to ensure minimized image distortion.

Lower Price

The high performance of NDS AFM tips will be delivered at a significantly lower price to small research groups and industry alike. NDS AFM tips will cost up to 66% cheaper than the average market price without any loss in quality.


Quality. Innovation. Performance.

Nanodevice Solutions aims to create innovative, scalable, high tech solutions in the nanotechnology sector. Our unique solution to AFM tips is ideal for research and industry. Our process allows for batch fabrication of high aspect ratio (HAR) AFM probes, greatly increasing throughput and reducing manufacturing costs. This leads to increased savings which are passed on to your research group or company.

Nanodevice Solutions is the only company in the world that can batch fabricate high aspect ratio Atomic Force Microscope tips, and could cater to the entire global market on its own.